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Playing cards in the period of the Soviet Union has always forbidden and considered the most negative and primitive game. For a long time it was thought that such games can be messengers of plunder and corruption of honest people. This negative attitude was not clear to people who have not lived at the time. After all, a modern democratic state does not consider resource of its citizens who have always protected. That's to protect against this kind of nonsense is not worth it, each person has a right to choose. That's after the return of communism and card games back to us and has long been demonstrated and proved that games with cards not fatal. Released play cards absolutely nothing bad happened. Just like they used to live, and live. End of the world did not happen. Moreover, it is known passion play as "Poker" was a great help in the fight against alcoholism. The youth of today playing these games in small amounts and take up almost all of my free time. In the past, boring evenings are usually carried out in conjunction with alcohol. For older people, too, these games have brought no little interest, and is still the classic card games attracted quite a few fans of the past and the present time. Among these classic games and settled down game called "Snap." From a simple fool the main distinguishing feature was that it was possible to move the map to the other player. For example, if you go to one card and you have a card of the same value but different suit, then you can put the course on a nearby player. That is, in such a case will fend off the card on your opponent and your neighbor player. In just a fool usually the main card can bring victory, and teeter in a competent game results can be summarized in a tie game. That's why the real masters of this game is more prefer to play Snap without any translation. There are too many nuances pops up in the game, it's hard to count all the moves, and indeed the luck factor, even during the most inept game can bring victory. In Snap playing today probably on the Internet. And there are different versions of this game in all its variations. You can play cards with a computer or a real live opponent who sits in front of a monitor in another city. All card games online for free, and therefore in great demand among the majority of players. These games are usually well help to relax after a hard day's work or while away your free time.

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